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Triple accreditation is a term that refers to the three largest accreditation programs: AACSB, AMBA and EQUIS. When a school has been triple accredited, they have been accredited by all three programs. These associations are designed for business schools, so the first part to becoming triple accredited is to offer degree programs in business or accounting. The school must then send in an application, which will be reviewed by the association. Only select schools will be eligible to pursue the accreditation process, which is long and tiresome. A very small fraction is able to obtain one of the accreditation standings, which means a very select few actually obtain accreditation from all three.

When applying for triple accreditation, each association looks for different criteria. For example, AMBA looks at the MBA programs and content that is designed for MBA students. The AACSB is the association that looks at the overall structure of the school and takes the most comprehensive evaluation of the institution. EQUIS looks at the overall framework of the business education system and covers all degree levels. EQUIS is regarded as the European standard, while the AACSB is known as the American standard.

Any accreditation program is exasperating and few business schools are able to achieve accreditation from one association, let alone triple accreditation. The process is exasperating, as there is much documentation and paperwork that needs to be completed, and the school must follow the specific guidelines set in place by the association. Every aspect is taken into consideration, including such factors as the international programs and opportunities for abroad students, real-world experience and relevance, level of difficulty of business and accounting courses and an overall commitment to excellence. Of the 3900 business schools that exist worldwide, only 55 have triple accreditation and serve as the finest institutions.