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EQUIS Accreditation

EQUIS accreditation is the world’s leading international accreditation program designed specifically for business schools. EQUIS focuses on the quality assessment, improvement and accreditation of higher education systems that offer business and management programs. Instead of being designed for specific degree levels, EQUIS is accreditation for all degrees, from the first degree up to a Ph.D. Only few schools have been able to achieve this accreditation; more specifically 130 institutions across 38 countries. With this level of prestige and honor, students will know that a school adheres to a strict set of guidelines and educational protocol when having accreditation from EQUIS.

Regarding EQUIS accreditation, the entire institution is evaluated, not just the degree program. This means that such factors as community involvement, research and e-learning units will all be considered during the application process. All schools must demonstrate a continued effort toward management education. Furthermore, EQUIS places importance on internationalism, as more students are choosing to obtain their education in different states, countries and continents. Facilitating these changing dynamics and offering quality education in international management is a crucial element for schools interested in being accredited by EQUIS.

When inquiring about EQUIS accreditation, schools must know that the system looks for an ideal balance of quality education and professional application. Schools should offer their students plenty of real-world relevance and exposure, making them highly competitive and qualified to handle the corporate world. The learning environment should be engaging and foster growth and development from an intellectual and social standing. Just like any other accrediting program, EQUIS has a specific set of standards in place that schools must adhere to. The process is grueling and difficult to achieve, which is why those schools that become accredited are highly regarded in the academic world. EQUIS accreditation is supported by experienced professionals and an international body of academics.

Last updated: 14 July 2011.